Article Charges and Copyright

Publication fees are required for publication in the journals of the American Astronomical Society. These cover some of the costs of publication and allow us to more fairly share charges between researchers and libraries. Please be aware that the journals do not receive direct funding from any external agencies. Support from publication charges allows lower subscription prices and thus a greater circulation for the journal as well as open access after one year.

Author Publication Charges

The American Astronomical Society bases its calculation of author charges using an approach that counts units of information in the digital form that the author supplies; we call these units "digital quanta". Digital quanta are units of information in digital form that can include words, figures, tables, data components, and figures within a figure set.

The table below lists the types of digital quanta and the corresponding components equal to a single quantum. Digital quanta will be charged at a rate of $30 per quantum with the exception of word quanta, which will be charged at a rate of $27 per quantum.

Type of quanta Components/Quanta charged
Words 350
Figures 1
Tables 1
Data Components (MRTs, MPG, etc…) 1
Figure Sets 100 Figures

We provide estimates of the article charges during the peer review process, or you can estimate the charges using our online tool. The tools to provide these estimates may not accurately deal with all parts of the manuscript, (e.g., equations), which will differ between the LaTeX/Word source you provide and the final published XML/HTML version.

In addition to the above digital quanta, there are surcharges for specific cases. These are listed in the table below.

Type of surcharge Cost
Letters handling charge $120
Errata handling charge $30

For information regarding page charges for articles accepted prior to April 1, 2011, go here.