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Annoucing AASTeX Version 6.2

The latest version of the AAS Journals classfile for LaTeX manuscripts was released at the 231st AAS meeting. Authors are encouraged to use it for submissions to the ApJ, AJ, ApJL, ApJS and now Research Notes.

What’s new in AASTeX 6.2?

Here are the three biggest changes and capabilities in the latest version:

  • A new style option to produce abstract-less Research Note articles
    Now you can write a short note and still have access to all the built in features of AASTeX such as line numbering, highlighting changes, and improved table and figure features created in v6.1
  • Title is no longer automatically capitalized
    This reflects a similar change in the typeset articles.
  • No page skip between front matter and main body
    Based on popular demand (or was it outrage?), the page skip between the front matter (e.g. title, author information, and abstract) and the main body of the article introduced in v6.1 has been changed from the default behavior to an option

Where can you get more information?

Wishing for still more improvements?

While there is no current timetable for a version 6.3 the AAS welcomes comments and suggestions that may be incorporated into future development. You can contact them at with additional suggestions or ideas for the next iteration.