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Bringing Javascript and interactivity to your AAS Journal figures

  • Expunge Supplemental Materials

  • Inspire Story Telling using Web Technologies, including Brushing and Linked datasets, 3D visualizations

  • Review accessibility in author created figures

d3po brushing and linking screen shot x3d supernova screen shot Vogt et al. 2016 Figure 1, the X3D pathway

Interactive elements as 1st class Figures

Sets of Related Figures ("Figure Sets) are moving inline to the main article instead of living on their own website.

Interactive Figures (X3D, Javascript, animations) will have a switch to toggle from static to dynamic mode.

X3D Interactive Graphics

  • X3D is an open standard file format for 3D scenes in XML

  • X3DOM.js is the javascript framework for displaying X3D scenes in the browser

  • Advanced Data Visualization in Astrophysics: the X3D Pathway (arXiv:1510.02796), Vogt et al. (2016), ApJ -- (Figure 3 reproduced below)

  • See also our AAS Journals GitHub Tutorials






 HI layers:

Development Timeline

  • Figure sets and X3D objects move inline to the main articles (Feb 2016)

  • Begin support for inline movies and audio (Feb 2016 -)

  • Preliminary review of common data or astronomy javascript libraries (Feb 2016)

Future Development

  • Continue to review javascript technologies

  • Look to develop author "plugin" js tools (Summer-Fall 2016) #hackAAS

  • Ongoing "ad hoc" support for author created javascript figures

  • Authors should continue to contact Journal Data Editors about new ideas