AAS-IOP eBooks

Meet the AAS eBooks Editorial Board

Steve Kawaler
Iowa State University
Stellar physics; asteroseismology
Dieter Hartmann
Clemson University
High-energy astrophysics; astronomy with radioactivity; gamma ray bursts
Joan Najita
NOIRLab, Arizona
Star and planetary formation from disks
James Cordes
Cornell University
Radio astronomy; neutron stars; interstellar medium; SETI
Stephen Kane
University of California
Exoplanets; astrobiology; planetary science
Christopher Conselice
University of Manchester
Galaxy formation; James Webb Telescope; astrophysical data and computer modelling
Ethan Vishniac
Johns Hopkins University
Magnetic fields in stars and galaxies
Piet Martens
Georgia State University
Solar physics, machine learning in space weather, the solar-stellar connection
Stacy Palen
Weber State University
Astronomy education; stellar evolution and star death
Daryl Haggard
McGill University
Galactic centre; EM & gravitational waves; black holes and galaxies
Leslie Young
SwRI Boulder
New Horizons Mission; planetary science

AAS eBook contacts

Robert Trevelyan
Commissioning Editor
Isabelle Defillion
Editorial Assistant