AAS-IOP eBooks

Meet the AAS eBooks Editorial Board

Steve Kawaler
Iowa State University
Stellar physics; asteroseismology
Dieter Hartmann
Clemson University
High-energy astrophysics; astronomy with radioactivity; gamma ray bursts
Joan Najita
NOIRLab, Arizona
Star and planetary formation from disks
Daryl Haggard
McGill University
Galactic centre; EM & gravitational waves; black holes and galaxies
Leslie Young
SwRI Boulder
New Horizons Mission; planetary science
Bryan Gaensler
University of California, Santa Cruz
Radio astronomy, cosmic magnetic fields, time-domain astronomy, fast radio bursts, interstellar medium
Ethan Vishniac
Johns Hopkins University
Magnetic fields in stars and galaxies
Piet Martens
Georgia State University
Solar physics, machine learning in space weather, the solar-stellar connection
James Cordes
Cornell University
Radio astronomy; neutron stars; interstellar medium; SETI
Stephen Kane
University of California
Exoplanets; astrobiology; planetary science
Christopher Conselice
University of Manchester
Galaxy formation; James Webb Telescope; astrophysical data and computer modelling
Sanlyn Rebecca Buxner
University of Arizona
Learning Assessment, Astronomy Education Research, Science Education, Best Practices in Education, Program Evaluation, Online Education, Public Engagement