AAS Nova Research Highlights

Searching for Spots with Interferometry

We’ve tracked starspots on the Sun for thousands of years, but we’ve only just begun to do the same for other stars. A recent study presents the first direct images of starspots on λ Andromedae.

An Unparalleled View of the Growth of Galaxies

Hubble has captured images of thousands of distant galaxies throughout its lifetime. Astrobites reports on what we can learn about galaxy evolution by piecing these datasets together.

The Future of the Search for a Gravitational-Wave Background

Scientists have long looked for a faint, background gravitational-wave signal that should pervade our universe. Here's what's ahead in the search.

Observing Juneteenth and Black in Astro Week

This coming week provides an opportunity to celebrate and amplify Black experiences in astronomy- and space-related fields.

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