AAS Nova Research Highlights

Featured Image: An Asymmetric Dark Matter Halo

As the Milky Way's largest satellite galaxy passes by, it distorts the dark matter in our galaxy — and new simulations show how.

Have We Stumbled Upon the Hiding Place of the Earliest Stars in the Universe?

Astronomers may have finally uncovered the remnants of the oldest stars in the universe, hiding in the aftermath of an enormous explosion.

Welcome to AAS Media Fellow Haley Wahl and Farewell to Tarini Konchady

Please join us in saying farewell to our 2019–2021 AAS Media Fellow and welcoming our new Fellow to the team!

The Magnetic Menagerie of NGC 1097

Astrobites reports on the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1097, where there’s more to the magnetic field than meets the eye.

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