Why AAS Journals

AAS Reply to OSTP RFC on data repositories

Business Model

A Look at the AAS Journals Business Model Within the Academic Publishing Landscape

The American Astronomical Society is a nonprofit professional society for astronomers that is somewhat unusual in owning its own journals. The AAS prides itself on the fact that these journals — The Astronomical Journal, The Astrophysical Journal, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, The Planetary Science Journal, and The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series — are run by scientists, for scientists. But, in today’s academic publishing landscape of open-access journals and preprint servers, what does it mean to run a scientific journal?

AAS Journals Editorial Board

AAS Editor in Chief Ethan Vishniac

Associate Editor in Chief W. Butler Burton
Statistics Editor Eric Feigelson

The Astrophysical Journal Letters Editor Frederic Rasio
Associate Editors Luis C. Ho, Rekha Jain

The Planetary Science Journal Editor Faith Vilas

Research Notes of the AAS Editor Chris Lintott

AAS Publishing Staff

Julie Steffen, Chief Publishing Officer

Janice Sexton, Editorial Operations Manager
Alexandra Aguilera, Senior Publications Editor

August (Gus) Muench, PhD, Data Editor
Greg Schwarz, PhD, Data Editor

Susanna Kohler, PhD, AAS Nova Editor
Tarini Konchady, PhD student (Texas A&M), AAS Media Fellow

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please contact journals.manager@aas.org

For questions about data or figures,
please contact data-editors@aas.org

For questions about AASTeX,
please contact aastex@aas.org

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please contact aasnova@aas.org