Manuscript Submission

The AAS Journals use a single submission portal for all titles. Specific portal instructions are available there. Please contact the editorial office for any help needed during your submission.

Authors using Overleaf can directly submit their manuscripts within the platform. Note that the corresponding author still has to log into the AAS Journals system to provide additional information and finalize submission. See the FAQ for more details about using collaborative manuscript editors for direct manuscript submission.

Author Information

You will need to provide us with important information about your submission to allow us to process it correctly. For web submissions you will be able to type these details into the online submission form. A partial list of the information you should collect in advance of submission includes:

  • author names, contact information, and ORCIDs;
  • manuscript abstract and title;
  • full listing of manuscript files;
  • full listing of figure, table, and data files;
  • a choice of Topical Corridor;
  • article publication fee information.

Manuscript Processing

The submission portal may have specific requirements for processing your manuscript. Please see the author portal instructions page for details. There are a few special cases to highlight here:

  • Authors may be asked to submit the PDFs prepared on their computer in place of the version compiled when the submission portal processes the submitted manuscript;
  • Authors of manuscripts to undergo dual-anonymous peer-review should prepare an anonymized PDF for submission. This anonymized PDF would exclude author names, affiliations, and acknowledgements and verify that the resulting PDF is free of embedded metadata. Authors may also wish to avoid or minimize self-citations. Our editorial office can perform critical checks of anonymized submissions, but may not be able to fully recompile your PDF nor can we remove or minimize self-citations.


Authors are reminded of their ethical obligations as implicit conditions for publishing in AAS Journals. These obligations include that you:

  • Ensure all co-authors agree to the content of the original submission and subsequent revisions;
  • Recognize that all submitted manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism with CrossCheck/iThenticate.


When submitting a revised manuscript, it is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that all co-authors endorse the revised version. You must include a list of changes, and (if applicable) a reply to the referee.

It would be helpful to editor and referee if you would highlight changes in the text.