Planetary Science Journal

The AAS and DPS are currently searching for an editor for The Planetary Science Journal and will be open for new submissions in December 2019. Please watch this space for updated information.

Scope Statement

The Planetary Science Journal is devoted to recent developments, discoveries, and theories in planetary science. We welcome all aspects of investigation of the solar system and other planetary systems. The Planetary Science Journal publishes manuscripts that constitute significant new research that is directly relevant to planetary science, including observational results, theoretical insights, modeling, laboratory studies, instrumentation, or field studies.

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Founded in 2019, The Planetary Science Journal is a collaborative publication of the American Astronomical Society and its largest division, the Division for Planetary Sciences. It is specifically intended to be the nonprofit venue for publication of research in this field and the place where planetary scientists can disseminate their results to the broadest possible audience, in the most comprehensive and useful way, and at the lowest possible cost to everyone.