AASTeX Symbol Fonts

Authors who need additional symbols not found in LaTeX or AASTeX may use the American Mathematical Society symbol definitions and fonts. The AMS symbols are not distributed as part of the AASTeX macro package or as part of the TeX distribution, so authors will need to check with their local TeX administrators to see if these symbols are available for their use.

If the AMS fonts and symbols have not been installed locally, it is still possible to use them in manuscripts that will be submitted electronically. The local copy of the manuscript will not contain these fonts but the copies produced at the editorial offices and at the production offices will be correct.

Before defining a new symbol command, check the symbol tables to make sure that it does not already exist. If you must create a symbol, do not use an existing AMS command name for your definition. When manuscripts are translated during the production process, the AMS macro will be used by default and your redefinition will be lost.

The AMSFonts package and User’s Guide are available on the AMS web site and from CTAN.

AASTeX and AMS Symbol Fonts

This file contains a complete list of the AASTeX symbol commands, as well a some of the AMS fonts and symbols that are useful in an astronomy context. Consult the AMSFonts User’s Guide for samples of the entire collection.