AASTeX version 6.3 now available

8 August 2019

The AAS is pleased to released the latest version of the LaTeX class file AASTeX, version 6.3. You can read about the new features that were included in AASTeX 6.3 here.

AASTeX v6.3 is available locally and on CTAN.

The AAS Journals Template in Overleaf has been updated to the v6.3 classfile and sample documentation.

The publishing team received very helpful feedback from authors in response to previous versions, and your requests have now been incorporated into an updated version. AASTeX 6.3 and the updated user guide are both available now.

What’s new in AASTeX 6.3?

Here are a few of the new features and capabilities in the version 6.3:

    • New interactive command to highlight interactive figures.
    • Changes to collaboration to increase options for truncated author lists.
    • New anonymous style to keep the authors, affiliations and acknowledgments from showing in the compiled pdf for dual anonymous review.
    • Adoption of IAU approved syntax for nominal solar and planetary units.
    • The movetableright command to help center wide, portrait tables.
    • Updated aasjournal.bst file.

Wishing for still more improvements?

The AAS Publishing team appreciated your feedback on the last version of AASTeX, and they’re happy to hear your comments on this one! You can contact them at aastex-help@aas.org with additional suggestions or ideas for the next iteration of AASTeX.