Research Notes Get a Little More Space

4 May 2020

The Society’s venue for short communications, Research Notes of the AAS (RNAAS), is giving its authors a little more room from the beginning of May. The format for these brief notes, which can be used to report works in progress, introduce ideas, offer commentaries, or share negative results, now allows an abstract of 150 words in addition to the main text, which can now be 1,350 words long, up from 1,000.

After more than three years of publishing RNAAS, we noticed that many authors were struggling with fitting their articles into the previous limit — a little extra space might go a long way. The addition of the abstract should help people searching for notes on services such as the Astrophysics Data System too.

Research Notes has already published more than 500 articles, and our team hopes that this judicious expansion will allow more members of our community to use RNAAS to communicate. The variety of notes is remarkable, covering all areas of our subject and reflecting tremendous creativity in our authors.

RNAAS remains free to read and to publish in, and we look forward to publishing our 1,000th note in the not-too-distant future.

Originally published by Chris Lintott (University of Oxford) at