AAS Publishing Staff

The AAS publishing staff is here to answer your questions and help make the publishing process as smooth as possible.

Our Team

Alex Andrews, Editorial Operations Manager
Scilla Bennett, Web Developer
Ben Cassese, PhD student (Columbia University), AAS Media Fellow
Lakshmi Desemsetty, Editorial Assistant
Zabé Ellor, Editorial Assistant
Kerry Hensley, PhD, Communications Specialist and AAS Nova Editor
Susanna Kohler, PhD, Communications Manager and AAS Nova Editor
Katie Merrell, PhD, Data Editor
August (Gus) Muench, PhD, Data Editor
Greg Schwarz, PhD, Data Editor
Julie Steffen, CAE, Chief Publishing Officer


For questions about your submission,
please contact journals.manager@aas.org

For questions about data or figures,
please contact data-editors@aas.org

For questions about AASTeX,
please contact aastex@aas.org

For questions about AAS Nova,
please contact aasnova@aas.org